Sue Gardiner

Hidden Bird

Spring Imagination

Winter Tree Wild Sky

Calla 1

My name is Sue Gardiner. I have always been interested in creating various forms of artwork and just recently started working with both watercolors and computer generated art. I love doing both as each is so completely different!! I find that artwork comes from with-in, and the entire creative process allows me to express myself in ways that would otherwise stay hidden. Life and artwork are the same – both to be treasured and enjoyed! Thank you for looking!! Peace ~ Sue

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Fantasy City


Hoag's Object and Moons Over Ocean

Planetary System and Merging Galaxies

Arwen de Lyon has been drawing since she was a young girl, and took every opportunity to take as many art classes as possible. She graduated with a BFA and is self-taught in watercolor. Focusing on Fantasy and Science Fiction art, Arwen’s work expresses her mysterious vision, and utilizes symbolism to convey the messages of her art, as well of the personalities of the figures and subjects within her art. She has shown her work at several fantasy and science fiction conventions including TrinocCon, ChattaCon, Arisia in Boston, Philcon, and Fanaticon. She has also shown her work at a number of galleries and shops in North Carolina, and has one several awards, including Philcon’s “Best Aspiring Professional Artist”.

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Sharon Duguay

Glacier Lake

Nature's Beauty


Summer Lily

Sharon Duguay is a fairly new artist who is self-taught and prefers acrylics to oils. She enjoys painting landscapes, flowers& animals, but will try anything. Her art is her main hobby but she enjoys gardening in summer & walking 15 miles per week with the Keen Fit Walking Club all year round.

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Jimelle Salyers

Sky Dancers



Jimelle Salyers is a self-taught artist who prefers to work in acrylics. She takes her inspiration from patterns and colors found in nature and urban settings. She loves to play with new ideas and has built a diverse body of work from her experimentation.

In addition to her art, she enjoys working with individuals who carry a diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome and Autism. These people offer her much joy, as well as an ever-changing perspective about life, and these qualities show up in her artwork time and time again.

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